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Kitchen Island

A welded and bolted steel inspired by early 20th century Holyoke utilities, stands on claw-foot inspired cube feet, and supports a 3" thick pine top taken from wood beetle damaged joists in our 140 year old fire station home and shop. The angle steel elements are engraved and the deep, character-laden flaws in the wood top are filled with certified lead-free pewter, and a glass tile or two.
Dimensions: 5' x 3' and 38" tall
Status: Custom orders available.

Cocktail Table

Resin coated maple plywood, illustrated in pencil, enamel and metal leaf, mounted on a triangular pyramidal base constructed of distressed and nickel-plated, TIG-welded, thin sheet and rod steel. 
Dimensions: 11" by 22" tall
Status: Custom orders available.

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